How can I find and become involved in Fukuoka's punk/DIY scene?
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My wife and I are moving to Fukuoka, Japan from Chicago, by way of Baltimore. For 15ish years I've been heavily involved in the DIY/punk/art communities in the US, particularly in Chicago where the scene is substantial and vibrant. Recently I met some musicians from Tokyo who told me that Fukuoka has a "big punk scene" though I have had trouble finding evidence of this when I've been in town. Do you have any insight into entering the Fukuoka punk community? Or that of any Japanese major city? THANK YOU!!
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This Japan Times article has a paragraph listing a few popular Fukuoka punk venues:

Public Space Yojigen
Kieth Flack
Word Up
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I don't know anything about the Fukuoka punk / indie scene, but these links should help you figure out what's going on.
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My punk friend Jay runs a cafe in Kumamoto. It also seems like recently his band, LEDZEPVIETCONG, played a gig at cafe/bar GiGi. I hope this is at all helpful.

Here's cafe gigi's twitter feed.
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He listed some bands for you to check out on Twitter.
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