Help me find a similar vase please!
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I want to buy this vase. However, I do not want to spend $322. Any knockoffs or similar that I should know about? Searching for branch or twig vase gets me vases for branches and twigs.
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Here's something similar for 90% less ($31.33). And I guess you know that you can get the thing you were looking at with just one bowl for $149? I googled "vase twig base" — while most of what turned up was branches and twigs, there are other twig-based vases there that you might want to check out.
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I don't know of any knockoffs of that but this twig and mercury glass one is very nice, less than half the price. Larger. A photo of it with flowers in it. If you had to have clear glass you could replace the mercury glass with all sorts of simple round glass vases, candleholders, etc. at any dollar store.
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I didn't know of any, but was curious but every search combination I can think of brings up the one you linked to as the only one out there or is even pricier. If you crafty, something similar could be made with those stemless wineglasses some silver paint & hunting around until you found the right sticks? You might also want to search on etsy often sellers will make things to order. I wonder if something like that could be done with wire wrapping or some similar technique.
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They make a single for $147 which is a lot less!

This has shallow bases but you could probably get globe ones.

This is for pillar candles but you could probably get vases to sit on it.

Pricey at $162 and only a single holder.

Another tea light one.
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What about this, and you could buy little vases to sit on the platforms?
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