What's causing this itching in my bed?
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I'm constantly itchy when I'm in my bed. It starts almost as soon as I get in bed and ends when I get out of bed. I can't sleep at night at all due to the constant itching. I have no visible bug bites/red marks/rashes, and my husband doesn't itch at all when he's in the same bed. The same detergent is used for the linens on the bed and for my clothes, and I don't itch during the day. What could be the cause?
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Perhaps you’ve developed an allergy or intolerance to something in your mattress.
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I had the same issue and it was the detergent; for some reason, wearing it produced a different effect than sleeping in it.

If you want to completely eliminate your sheets or your detergent: buy new super-soft sheets, wash them in a brand-new sensitive-skin detergent, and see if you itch.

If you want to eliminate your mattress: buy a cover that encapsulates the mattress.

If you want to eliminate your pillow: try a different pillow.

It could also be dust etc. producing a hive-like reaction.
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Previously, and a different previously. I post them not to imply that you've searched insufficiently, but to mention that these are two questions that I remembered, and these are just two of dozens of posts about mystery itching. It's a (miserable) thing, but you're not alone, and it might not be anything specific.

I might try taking some benadryl at bedtime--histamine production peaks overnight, and the benadryl might help it calm down some. Between that and benadryl's normal soporific effect...well, can't be itchy if you're unconscious, right?
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Have you tried using a dust mite barrier on your mattress?
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As a data point: I spilled some “water enhancer” soft drink concentrate on my sheets just as I was going to bed one night a few months ago and was too exhausted to clean it up immediately; the next day I had an itchy rash in several spots on my body. So there's one substance you wouldn't think would be a problem, given the fact that it's edible.
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I would definitely get a mattress encasing dust mite barrier like this one.

And wash your sheets every weekend, maybe with one of those free & clear detergents if you don't use one already.
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Do you itch if you get in bed for a nap in the middle of the day, or when you're traveling? If nap=no/travel=yes, maybe it's your bedtime routine, not your physical bed.

Do you take any sort of nighttime medication or supplements? I was taking melatonin off and on, it worked great at the beginning but gradually started making me itchy. Changes in skincare and shower products have also been culprits for me in the past.
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My mattress has a cover on it, and I use a free and clear/hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

yeahlikethat, I don't travel so I don't have an answer to that. I do itch whenever I get in the bed.

I just changed soaps (from a Lush shower gel to Dr. Bronner's baby soap) to try and help with this problem, and it hasn't helped.

I also tried a new pillow to see if that would cut down on my scalp's itching.
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Have you tried different kinds of sheet fabrics? Polyester blends make me feel sunburned, while pure cotton is cool and restful.
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I have sensitive skin, and get itchy at night, sometimes it's because I'm quiet so I notice the itch. I use corn starch as powder on my skin, it helps. You can also unmake the bed in the morning, pulling the sheets back so the bottom sheet and top sheet (if any) can really air out. I'd also suggest turning the mattress.
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