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I want to see The Lehman Trilogy in London next week. How good are my chances at Friday rush or day tickets?

There are some seats on Stubhub right now, the cheapest of which is $250. I could afford that but really really don’t want to. Wouldn’t be the end of the world if I missed the show. If I put the Friday rush on my calendar or end up having to queue for day tickets, are chances pretty good I’ll get a ticket? I only need one.

I’ll be traveling this week so I’m not psyched to camp out online or in person for a ticket but I’ll do it if it’s not totally unrealistic.
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Friday rush is great, if you can be flexible which day you can go and are on the website at 1pm then very likely you can get a ticket and will only take 30 mins or so (there's a queue that begins at 1 which you get a random place in).

It's a great show, amazing acting kept me transfixed for the 3 hours. Good luck!
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