Help me replace my favorite sweater that I lost
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Shoppers and clothing finders I just lost my favorite sweater that I wear @ 3 times a week. I got it on StitchFix in March 2017 (and I’ve written them). The description is Market & Spruce Belfor Pocket cardigan and here is a picture from someone’s Pinterest. Thanks for any suggests to replace exactly or to something similar
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This Old Navy cardigan is similar but has buttons (landing page shows black, but comes in charcoal).
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Probably you should specify what fabric?
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I don’t know the fabric — I think some kind of cotton rayon mix
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I've seen similar sweaters (long, simple lines, pockets, no buttons) at Walmart and Target.
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You can set up an eBay alert so you'll get an email if the cardigan is listed!
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In addition to ebay, definitely monitor Poshmark too. There's a ton of Market & Spruce stuff on there, including what looks like the same sweater but with stripes (but not your exact one right now, unfortunately).
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I think you can find a similar one if you look around a bit.
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You can also keep an eye out for listings on thredUP.
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Thanks, all, I'll keep tracking eBay and Poshmark. The Walmart one is closest in style but not the right color (and closest color is not in my size) and the fabric looks different / heavier. I'll keep checking back here, too.
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There are Stitch Fix buy, sell, trade groups on Facebook. You could ask on a few of those pages - maybe someone has the same one that they aren’t attached to.
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Madewell, but only XL left.

Loft has a few that are similar, though not the same color.

J Crew, also different colors. Another more lightweight option.
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