How to get ads for my site?
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Help with placing ads.

I have two sites. One is a site with , well, soft porn. At this site I also have much that is intellectually stimulating: links to art, science, pop culture, photography, history etc etc Here I have no ads but get some 9 to 10 thousand hits per day. At a new site, no babes whatsoever. And I get under a thousand hits per day.

I just began the 2nd site and have Google ads (click through). Google will not place ads at babe site. But my new babe-free sitegets little traffic.

Is there a source for ad placing similar to Google that I might use to put up ads at my babe site?
ps: search for "Lapides: or "Postroad" might get you the sites referred to
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Yahoo and Kanoodle offer text ads. I don't have any experience with either, but you might take a look at their ToS and see if they accept sites like yours.
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when you check out a ToS, you should keep in mind the fact that your "babe" images are stolen -- I think you may encounter copyright trouble, not just porn trouble
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Response by poster: It is true that I have been rather cavalier with myh posting babe photos. When the pics are from a known studio and thus copywrited, I usually (but not always) give the name. But in a majority of instances, the site I get a photo from gets it from another site and that from still another. In ordinary scholarship, the instance given would require me to give the site I took it from, but that is a literary convention. Were I to place ads, I would give links, but in cases of many photo studios, one can not post without prior permission. And that, i discovered takes a very long time, if at all, and so I tend to avoid such places, and in addtiion most pro erotic phtographers are too "artsy" for my tastes. But Hegre and Domai, good ones, would of course get a link to show where it came from, and not Site Girlie, where they had posted the Hegre photo.
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maybe try contacting some porn/video companies to see if they're interested? i bet they would be.
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