Movies for headaches (dream edition)
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I just had a dream about a movie that was a quiet (that is, without the most annoying of the pythonesque) British or Scandinavian comedy in documentary format without a laughtrack. From 30 years ago or appearing to be. Think along the lines of Look Around You or Fishing with John—though I don’t actually like either of those. Can you recommend anything like this?
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Do you mean you think there’s a particular one that actually exists, that you’re trying to remember, or that your dream made you want to see one? I think spoof documentary comedies really took off with The Office in 2001 so they were thin on the ground before that. You could try This Is David Lander, starring Stephen Fry, which is from 1988, and a TV series not a film - but I’ve not seen it for years so I’m not sure how it’s stood the test of time.
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I dreamed one up and I’d like to watch something similar. Sorry I wasn’t clear. And I guess it wasn’t documentary so much as... informational?
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Kitchen Stories was speaking to you in your sleep.

It’s a quietly humorous, very touching Norwegian faux documentary about the formal observation of the kitchen habits of a rural curmudgeon.
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