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I have been walking around with a stabbing, terrible pain in my lower right abdomen/groin for over a month. It has gotten much worse over the past week. No one knows what it is.

I am a 55 year old woman, menopausal.

I have been dealing with this pain off and on since May. It's worse now. I've had many other times over the years where low abdominal pain has sent me to the ER, and I've been told I was having appendicitis 4 times in the past decade. CT scans always show nothing.

I have been dx in the past with IBS but the medicine that usually works to relax my spasms is not doing anything for this current pain, and it feels different. It is sharp, and burning, and even though the pain feels deep in my abdomen (and sometimes it radiates into my lower back) the skin itself on my abdomen near the pain feels painful and itchy and numb. It's near a scar from a surgery 30 years ago that removed an ovarian cyst. Sometimes the skin pain radiates onto my upper thigh, which also feels a little numb.

Sometimes the deep lower abdominal/groin pain pulses like a cramp, sometimes it aches, sometimes it stings.
Here is what has been ruled out.

1. GYN. I *do* have a weird cyst that has been tracked and is now changing, on the OTHER ovary. The ob gyn wants to take out the left ovary. I am getting a second opinion at another gyno's first available opening, at the end of the month (no cancer signs on blood work) but the left ovarian cyst is not explaining this severe pain on the right side.
2. Kidney: I have stage 2 kidney disease. The nephrologist does not think this pain is due to anything with the kidneys.
3. So then my PC sent me to to a urologist who did a sonogram in the area of the pain and thought it was probably going to show a hernia. The sonogram ruled out a hernia but showed "hyperactive bowel." When I asked the nurse who called me with these results whether the hyperactive bowel could be causing this intense pain she said no. Then she said "If you feel it's related to your ovaries, the doctor said we'll do a transvaginal sonogram." What? I don't know whether to "feel" it's related to my ovaries, and a previous sonogram showed the right ovary (where the pain is) to be fine. They ordered a vaginal sonogram for next week.
4. I also have an appt coming up n 2 weeks with a gastroenterologist.

I'm at my wit's end. I'm in so much pain I can't sleep, and worried. The doctor ordered an MRI but insurance said I first have to get the transvaginal sonogram before they'll pay for an MRI. I don't want more CT scans if possible; I've had so much radiation.

Obviously I'm going to many doctors. I'm so frustrated though, bc it's all so fragmented and I don't know what even to suggest. Any ideas welcome.
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Meckel's diverticulum?
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Has pelvic congestion syndrome been considered? It's varicose veins in the abdomen, basically, and can affect the upper leg too as you describe. You'd see a vascualr specialist but one that knows this condition specifically and not just any one and you need a venogram for diagnosis.
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Do you still have a gallbladder? Do you get aches in your shoulders? Center of your back? Wake you up at night? Acid stomach pain? Change in bowel habits like diarrhea and gas?

I've written about mine before but I was in horrible pain for over a year and my gallbladder tested "normal" (51% function.. but sure...) but I was in surgery 2 weeks later after checking in with my regular doctor and doing research on Functional Gallbladder disorder. Therefore I always have people check the symptoms and not believe just test results when it comes to gallbladder. If you get gallbladder testing CHECK YOUR OWN RESULTS and compare your symptoms and speak with a SURGEON! I honestly feel like gallbladder symptoms are overlooked because modern testing can't catch everything.

Additionally, your appendix. My appendix also tested normal. Hell, they weren't even checking it specifically but I had multiple ultrasounds and even a CT scan 2 weeks before endometriosis surgery. I asked if they could remove my appendix. He found a bump on it during surgery and pathology showed Early Acute Appendicitis. Again, I don't trust tests when it comes to this.

Lastly, did they explore for endometriosis? I get horrible right side and hip/back pain from mine even after having resection surgery. I also have IBS but it's a different type of pain.

Basically, don't trust test results and check in with a general surgeon. Mine approached the gallbladder as another test but he was willing to remove it. It sounds like you may be willing to try something like that too. Check with someone about getting your appendix and gallbladder removed if you've explored other options and the risks have been assessed.
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Definitely check your gallbladder. My friend just got his removed and had very similar pains.
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CA-125 is not particularly accurate. PM me if you want to hear my anecdote.
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My appendix also didn't look "bad" on the scans. The doctor wasn't even sure that it was appendicitis until they removed it and tested it.
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Could be diverticulitis.
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I am a prolific ovarian cyst-grower and have been surprised when I am in ultrasound and the cyst shows on the other ovary. Referred pain is a possibility.

My fibroids caused burning and sharp pain. My adenomyosis also caused burning pain that went into my thigh on one side.

If I were you I'd ask for a look at your uterus to see if you have developed any fibroids. CT scans do not show adenomyosis to my knowledge, only MRI and even then it is not always identified until surgery.
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