Need an online calculator for height
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I'd like to find an online calculator that would predict the adult height of kids or teenagers.

I understand that large hands / feet in teenagers can be an indicator of future height, depending on some other factors, so I'd like to find an online calculator that could help in this prediction. Also I'd like to read more about this so any documents or reading material that could educate me in this area would also be helpful.

Example: If Johnny is currently 13 yrs old and is 5'5" tall and has a shoe size of 10, how tall will Johnny likely end up?

Different input data could be used, but not specific medical data (like bone size or such things) that could only be measured by a doctor. Shoe size would be the perfect input data since it is so simple to obtain.
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age	% of final height	
	boys	girls
8 	72.0%	77.5%
9 	75.0%	80.7%
10 	78.0%	84.4%
11 	81.1%	88.4%
12 	84.2%	92.9%
13 	87.3%	96.5%
14 	91.5%	98.3%
15 	96.1%	99.1%
16 	98.3%	99.6%
17 	99.3%	100.0%
18 	99.8%	100.0%
19 	100.0%	100.0%
I got that from the web, but I've no idea where. It worked for me - 152cm at age 10, 6 foot 4 now.
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There are several. Just search for "adult height" on google.
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I'd have my doubts about the accuracy because the age at which you get a growth spurt varies from person to person; by 11 I was 5'10 and the charts said I'd end up around 6'3", but I only got another inch. (And the same thing for two of my three sisters).
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The average adult height of the children is roughly equal to the average height of the parents.
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There are some obvious exceptions; 7' basket ball centers tend to have average height parents and siblings.
It is really hard to make absolutes when considering people.
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This just seems so individually variable! The plural of anecdote is not data, but in 7th grade, I was one of the shortest boys in my class... in 10th grade, I was 5'11"... didn't grow for another two years, and by the end of my freshman year in colleage (age 17) I was 6'4" and topped out there.

My mother is 5'5", and my dad is 5'11". My sister is 5'6", and my brother is 6' even. I'm the freak. ;-)

I be shocked if there was a model that was accurate for anything other than the statistical agregate.
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Don't put too much stock in those tests. I was supposed to be 7'4". I am 6'1". If it hadn't happened so slowly, I would have been crestfallen.
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I've heard that if you double the height you are at age 2, the number will be within 2 inches of your full adult height. It's worked for everyone in our familiy that I've tried it on, as far as I can remember.
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I remember being at the naval academy at Annapolis and hearing a story about David Robinson, who grew taller than the height allowment during his time there. He was 6'7 when he enrolled, and eventually grew to 7'1.

That would disprove the 100% of final height proposal above.
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