Virtual gift card/voucher for someone in London
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A friend here in LA is organizing a hat-pass among a group for a former member in London who has suffered a bereavement, but they are uncertain what format is best for making the donation available to them. What are their best options?

Chances are good that the amount is going to be generous, enough for more than just a single delivery meal or round of groceries, so they probably don't want to tie it to one restaurant or store (unless it's store with a broad range of products, I guess). It should just be something they can send the friend by email to be claimed online rather than something that needs to be mailed.

I don't think any of them know what neighborhood they specifically live in, so ultra-local suggestions may be difficult to vet.
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Selfridges, Liberty or John Lewis vouchers. They are all department stores, so your colleague will be able to get clothes, beauty products or homewares from all of them.

Selfridges has more of a fashion focus, Liberty has more of an arts and crafts vibe (lovely textiles and decorations), John Lewis is great for kitchenware and other “practical” house things. Or Amazon vouchers if you can’t buy the others online.
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Amazon vouchers in £. This is what my American family do for me.
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John Lewis vouchers can also be used at Waitrose, which is the very nice one of our supermarkets, so would be good for groceries and practical goods (and ready meals etc).

Liberty's and Selfridge's are high end department stores, more like special treats, which might be nice if you'd like them to use the money to spoil themselves. John Lewis/Waitrose vouchers could be used for a special treat, but can be used more practically as well. I'd go with them.
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I also vote for John Lewis/Waitrose—that covers everything from groceries to household stuff to clothes, and all good quality.
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You can send plain money by email these days.
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Amazon or IKEA?
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$thing John Lewis / Waitrose. You can buy them online for email delivery and you can use a US credit card to buy, which is not true everywhere.
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You can't use Liberty vouchers online which is a pain. My vote goes for John Lewis or Amazon (which covers every possibility).
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