Help me identify this succulent
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Please help me identify this succulent! I'm trying to figure out if it's elongating/drooping in a normal way or a sun-deprived way. It's like a fuzzy jade with long, thin leaves? Some kind of...stemmed echeveria? I got it at the Brooklyn Museum about 2 years ago, but it already had relatively long-ish stems and spaced out leaves then, which makes me think it isn't a more rosette-y or tightly organized plant that's stretching out. In case it's unclear from the photos, it's about 9" tall. Thanks in advance.
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(There are three pics, in total.)
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It looks like a Crassula mesembryanthemoides hybridized with something else. It is definitely etiolated from not getting enough light. Other than that, it looks healthy enough. But, under ideal conditions, the leaves would be much closer together and the plant far more compact.

I see etiolated plants being sold all the time. If they're not in proper conditions wherever they're being sold, they stretch quickly. There's no way to fix this except for cutting the plant back (leave some leaves) and letting it regrow in proper conditions.
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(Also, I meant Brooklyn Botanic Garden, not the museum.) Thanks, I'll give that a shot!
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