Best option to joint post to four social media accounts simultaneously?
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I would like to post a photo and short description to a meme account on Twitter, Facebook Page, Tumblr, and Instagram. Is there a great service to do this all at once? IFTTT? Buffer? Hootsuite? Something else? Bonus if it can handle two photos at once. Thanks!
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Instagram can post to FB, Twitter, and Tumblr all from the new post screen. Just use that?
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I'll play around with it. Do you know if it posts natively to each of those, or is it a link to the instagram account?
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Just a small heads up IFTTT just recently, as in a few days ago, quit being able to post photos to Instagram because of the way Facebook (which freaking OWNS Instagram) changed about how the platforms work together. So, something to keep in mind.
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I use IFTTT to cross post from Instagram to twitter and tumblr. The picture is natively embedded in each, so it isn't just a link to the instagram post. Seems to work pretty well for me.
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Yeah my IFTTT just stopped being able to post from my business Instagram to my personal Facebook and I can’t find and replacement so far. Facebook changed their API. So you may need to work with the native sharing options in Instagram or do a separate post. Do a test to see how the native sharing is. Generally it goes to Facebook as normal with a “via Instagram” but I THINK twitter does the start of the caption then a link to the post - no photo. So a scheduler like Hootsuite may be better to create a post for the way each platform displays them.
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Twitter is also about to roll out an API change on August 19th that might break crossposting stuff, depending on the tool used, so keep that in mind.
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Is the Facebook page a personal account or a (business, artistic, organisation) page? Buffer can no longer post to personal accounts due to Facebook API changes, but it can still post to a page.
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The Instagram to FB posts natively, it just says that it's from Instagram.
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Some details about the Facebook change. Right now the simplest thing is probably to post to Facebook, then use automated services like IFTTT to pick that up and repost to Twitter, etc.
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It's a Facebook Page for a meme, not a personal profile, if that makes a difference.
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