Help me remember a video game where you explore the world through sound.
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I saw a video demo for this but searches keep coming up with "how do I troubleshoot my game?" The game starts with a blank white screen that slowly fills in as you explore the world by interacting with things and following sounds. Possibly a PlayStation exclusive. I know there's one survival-horror game that uses the same mechanic.
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Are you thinking of The Unfinished Swan?
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Beyond Eyes?
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I know the game OP was talking about, and it't not The Unfinished Swan - that's much more visual.

The demo real for the sound-based game was brighter and more colourful - I THINK you are talking about Beyond Eyes
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Beyond Eyes seems to be a good match,

Perception may be the survival horror one.
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I think I was remembering both Unfinished Swan and Beyond Eyes. Thank you!
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Stifled would be the survival horror one you are thinking of.
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