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Calling all Rangers or maybe Army folks, hard to say. What are roughs? I need to pack 5 pair and the Navy doesn't use this term.

Partner is headed to a joint services thing as soon as Sunday. Its all very last minute and we recently got the packing list. He is not yet moored from being in the middle of the ocean so I am in charge of this for now. The internet has very few mentions of "roughs" in this context, when it does it is mostly in an instruction on uniforms and then once in a ranger study guide where it appears in this format:

What are the 3 types of civilian uniforms and their equivalents?
Slicks- Business attire. Equivalent=ASU (suit coat and tie)
Smooths- Business casual (slacks, polo tucked in, dress shoes). Equivalent=duty uniform w/badges
Roughs- casual attire (collared shirt, pants, belt, tactical or hiking shoes)

This is informative but still pretty vague, from the instructions he received it kind of looks like he will be rucking (carrying on for long distances with a heavy bag) in these roughs, so its not like khakis and polos. Or is it! The packing list also calls for 5 pr of business casual outfits which definitely is khakis and collard shirts.

Please help point me in the right direction and pray its something we have in a closet somewhere.
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A heavier khaki pant is good. Pants must be comfortable fit, not warn or tattered, and no holes. No shorts. Not sure if jeans are allowed or not, but would avoid them just to be safe unless he knows otherwise.

Belt should be a conservative look, including the buckle.

Not sure if it's explicitely prohibited, but I'd avoid polo shirts as part of his roughs. Go with long-sleeve button-up shirts with collars. Solids, plaids, etc.

Shoes can be tactical or hiking boots, but can't be military issue, nor should they look like they could possibly be.

Broadly: Avoid anything with logos, unless they're small and discrete. Avoid anything with a military connotation or connection. He should look like a regular guy at the mall on a Saturday afternoon.

Good luck to him!
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According to my son, the description you quoted above (3 types of civilian uniforms) is pretty much it.
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