I want to save this webpage to my computer. Help!
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I love this animated, step-by-step explanation of how a car engine works. I send a lot of people to it to nerd out. If animagraffs.com goes away, I won't have it anymore. Help me save it locally so I can love and cherish it forever and ever.
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Right-click, "Save image as.."?
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From Chrome, right click on the link in your Ask. Select "Save link as." It will save a copy of the web page along with a folder with local copies of the associated images.

It may save it as an ".htm" file rather than an html. But you can tell your computer to open it with Chrome and thereafter you should be good to go.
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ctrl + s -> "save" on Windows
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I don't know about 'forever and ever,' but the Internet Archive has a copy, and will probably be around for the foreseeable future.
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The most complete way, AFAIK, is to go to that page you want in your browser - when there, File, Save As/Save Page As (depending on which browser you're in), and be sure to change the format from [Webpage - HTML only] to [Webpage - Complete], if you are given the option - that one will create a folder, download the resources to it, and alter the source-code to pull the content from that folder via relative links.
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Thanks, DirtyOldTown! Thanks, everyone!
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