Driving from Visalia to Los Angeles—anything to see?
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Super random last minute question but—I’ll be leaving Visalia in about a half hour to drive to LA. I can’t check in to my hotel until 3 so wondering if anyone knows of anything cool/interesting to stop and see or do on the drive down. Thanks!
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We live in LA and have family in Visalia, so this is a drive we do a lot. There's stuff to see...but not that much stuff, and it's about ten million degrees in the Central Valley, as you know.

My first suggestion is to just get to LA and enjoy yourself down here. It's hot, but much, much cooler than there.

My second suggestion is to go to one of Gustavo Arellano restaurant suggestions in Bakersfield.

If you want to say where in LA you're going, I can give more specific recommendations.
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I’m headed to Culver City
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So drive straight down and then have an American-style taco at Tito's. I was going to suggest the Museum of Jurassic Technology but it's closed today. Anyway, drive + taco, here or in Bakersfield + one stop for gas/bathroom = 3pm.
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It's a little out of your way, but Solvang is delightful.
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Culver City is fun! Lots of bars and great restaurants. I'd just waste no time getting to LA and spending time here, rather than futzing around in the apocalyptic heat up there right now.
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Divert from 5 at Kettleman City. Go West on 41 to Hwy 101 and go south. Adds unknown amount of time to trip but you'll have lots of options enroute.
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Future recommendation, if you've not been:

Just outside of Earlimart, you could stop at Col. Allensworth State Park. Allensworth was a town founded in 1908 and dedicated to social and economic progress for African Americans. It only lasted through the 1940s, I think, but several of the buildings and other features have been restored, and it's on the National Register of Historic Places.
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Rats! I can't believe I'm late to this one. I'm mainly seconding X4ster's suggestion of 41, but also would like to suggest the Roadside America app. It's great when you're on an unknown stretch of road, and it's not just wacky kitsch. I stumbled upon some really great folk art in your neck of the woods (Hanford) while taking a very leisurely drive a few years ago, and found the app so helpful that I paid for the all regions version.
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