Summer Hoodie of My Dreams
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So this is the summer weight hoodie of my dreams: the American Giant Summer Full Zip . I ordered it in the lovely Deep Marine in an XL. It's fantastic: nice weight, all cotton, great zipper, etc. But it seems like these are made for slim athletic people who like their clothes tight. That is not me. And they don't make this in XXL. I am sad.

I'd love to find something similar elsewhere: all cotton, with the weight of a heavy t-shirt, in a great color. I prefer a "full-zip" as opposed to an over the head hoodie. A regular Women's XL is usually fine, but I am open to alternatives. Any suggestions?
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You don't say what your build is besides "not slim and athletic" but I happen to own (and love) the men's version of that exact summer hoodie. I'm a guy -- also not slim or athletic -- and the large is cut pretty full, not tight at all. I know its stupid to say about a hoodie, but I don't know anyone who makes a product quite as good as these folks -- have you considered the men's?
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The North Face makes a t-shirt weight full zip women's hoodie with several colors available in XL and XXL.
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I have things like this that I got at Kohl's. Like this (or there's probably the same thing in regular XL) [and on closer inspection I notice it's not all cotton, but it's somewhat cottony if you're into that].
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While I have never bought a sweatshirt from them, I have liked the other Pact stuff I've bought; their sweatshirts seem to fit your requirements (and from their sizing chart, seem to run larger than American Giant).
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I love my Pact sweatshirt! It's a great summer weight and has a good amount of stretchy to accommodate my non-athletic build. It has also held up really well in the wash.
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I also think you should consider the men's version. I barely squeeze into the womens xl, and my husband has the mens xl and it's huge on me. It's a boxier cut for sure. The men's and women's hoodies are styled the same-just a different cut and you can get it in bigger sizes. I own two of the normal hoodies and they really are fantastic.
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I live in hoodies and this is my favorite summer hoodie (and I've searched for many). The colors vary depending upon the time of year, I feel like in spring you'll get a better selection (been buying them for years).
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