Long-lasting men's boxer briefs
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Seeking (if such a beast exists): 1. Men's cotton boxer briefs 2. That take many years to wear out (rather than developing holes after 1-3 years) 3. Easy but vital: Must be available in a color that is NOT white. (black, for example, is fine)
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Can you tell us where in the world you do your shopping?
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100% cotton might be a bit hard to find, given that one of the "features" of BB's is that they hug to your body, which requires a bit of unnatural fiber in the mix.

As for color...I don't think I've ever seen an all white BB. They seem to always be various combos of black, colors, and stripes. YMMV, of course, as I limit my shopping to wallet-friendly big-box stores and the like.
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Annnnd, I posted too quickly. Land's End, of all places, appears to offer a 100% cotton knit BB in various colors. They even have a 3-pack (with no white) for about $34. I can't attest to the durability, but Land's End gear has always stood-up well for me in the past.
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Do you have a Costco membership? If so, I wear these and they're comfy and seem to be pretty durable too.
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does not need to be 100% cotton, sorry! just... mostly cotton. not, like, mostly silk or whatever.
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oh and east coast US but i'm not averse to ordering online from far away when the occasion calls for it
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Mack weldon boxers are supposed to be amazing and mind blowing and your life will never be the same.
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I've had good success with Old Navy over the years. Their current offerings look a little different than what I have but I can't imagine they've changed too much. 96% cotton, 4% spandex.
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I think you should consider the possibility that comfortable cotton boxers that last longer than three years (!) do not exist.
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3 years is a long time, but I think my oldest Uniqlos (both supima cotton and Airism) are going on that long.
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Mack Weldons are very comfortable and mine last at least three years.
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My husband has been wearing Flint & Tinder's Heritage Boxer Briefs quite a few years and while they do wear out eventually, they're mostly still going strong. They're soft, not-too-thin cotton with a high quality elastic for the waist. Long-wearing classics is pretty much their deal, and so far they've lived up to it.
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I think you're going to find it hard to beat the price/quality/longevity ratio of Hanes. 10 pairs of Hanes (~$45 total / $4.5 per pair) typically last me 3+ years. Comparing to some of the other suggestions, Mack Weldon each pair costs ~$24, and almost certainly don't hold up 5x better than Hanes.

Not sure how many pairs you have, but if you add more to your rotation they will last longer.

What are you wearing now?
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I find Aeropostale boxer briefs to be the best bang for the buck in the areas of comfort, style, and durability. At this moment they are on sale for $6.00 a pair.
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Candi Factory briefs are more bamboo than cotton but they are by far the longest-lasting undies I've come across. The mens' briefs last at least 3 years, and my lady briefs are going on 4. They are a little thicker fabric, not the best for summer heat, but still breathable.
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I've had some Patagonia briefs that have lasted more than a decade (nearing two, if I'm honest). They don't make what I own anymore, but their Capeline Daily Boxers are the closest I can find. They've improved the waistband in these newer ones, which was the point where all my older ones have failed. REI among others has them.

They're expensive, but I think I've had far more value out of these than I have out of short-lived pairs that cost a third as much. And they're by far the most comfortable briefs I've owned. They're not cotton. In my view, cotton has problems as an underwear material in terms of fit and wear, which these synthetics do much better.
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my husband just got a pair of these, and is very happy. not sure how long they will hold up, since they’re new-ish.
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Holes?? All y'all are washing your underwear wrong or something. I have 2-3 year old boxer briefs in the following brands and none of them have any holes. Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Pair of Thieves, Andrew Christian ($$) and 2xist. Even Hanes are fine (in the thicker style).

Don't wash them with things that have zippers or snaps or buttons. Don't dry on the highest setting.
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