Best Intersection of Price and Quality for Men's Undershirts?
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I (a woman) like wearing men's "A" undershirts to dance classes. The cheap ones I've tried (Gildan and Fruit of the Loom) lose all their rebound after a few washes. Is there a better price per wearing solution? Nothing over $10 or so, I am taking two classes a day and need a bunch.
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Uniqlo Airism may be right for you.
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Brooks brothers used to make a quality undershirt. If you are near their shop, stop in.
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Uniqlo works for me.
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2xist (despite their terrible name) makes a very cool square-cut tank top that is much better quality than Gildan and the like.
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Brooks Brothers and Nordstrom are, IME, roughly equal in quality. No others need apply, really.

I prefer Nordstrom though because they're a little longer, and I have a long torso, but if that's not a factor for you then either would be fine.
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