How can I show Solidarity with the ordinary people of Iran?
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I'm at best ambivalent about the current Iranian government, but I happen to feel the country as a whole is getting a raw deal, for political reasons. How can I give some support to ordinary Iranians without supporting the regime?

I'm a US citizen with no pre-existing connections to the country, but I just feel super strongly that the current policy around the nuclear deal is beyond awful. I'm sure it directly impacts the Iranian government a lot, which makes this complicated, but I still feel an urge to do something to show that no, not all Americans think this way about your country. I'd appreciate some ideas.
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You should visit Iran and show support by spending your money there. It's oft been argued that as peoples' livinghoods improve, their demands shift from the basic necessities to more freedom, democracy, etc.

But there's a line from Naomi Klein, that I read here on the Green, which resonated with me. Once should look at things not through the prism of individual actions, but take the global perspective. In this particular instance, you should work to effect 'regime change' in the US, to bring about a Government more sympathetic to dealing and eventually re-establishing diplomatic ties with Iran.

Or you could help civil society organisations or human rights groups who focus on Iran.
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Best answer: I was in Iran post nuclear deal and pre Trump. There was a real sense at that point that things might get easier.

Trump has screwed that, I strongly agree with Kwadeng above, Iran's biggest political problem is Trump - if you are American work on that.

If you could help it rain in Iran that would also help, but that is perhaps less plausible.
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