Which Seattle (third-wave) coffee shops sell tote bags?
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I’m in Seattle for the week, which has got me constructing a gift box/bag of sorts full of coffee and chocolate. But I need a tote bag to put everything into. Details inside...

Like it says on the tin—I have a friend who is kind of a coffee geek and who I think would really appreciate a canvas tote with some kind of neat third-wave roaster graphic on it. I’ve visited Vivace and Victrola so far, but neither seem to sell what I’m looking for, despite having clothing and other accessories for sale. If anybody has any ideas in the Seattle area, I’d really appreciate it—and on second thought, maybe I shouldn’t be limiting myself to coffee shops, so I’d really appreciate suggestions for places that sell all sorts of interesting canva bag designs as well!
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Elm coffee roasters had them until recently. They may be available in-store.
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Caffe Vita has a tote bag in among their merch, I'm not sure if all the locations would carry it. Also, if you are downtown I'd check The Handmade Showroom. It's a retail shop that carries good from PNW crafters, makers and artists and the whole store is like a mini modern craft fair and a coffee themed tote bag seems like something that you could find there.
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I could swear I've seen tote bags at Slate, but I don't see them in their online store. Maybe call?
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I like the Caffe Vita one better, but Broadcast Coffee also has a tote in its website merch section. Not sure what they have in-store.
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Storyville has a tote.
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Thanks so much, all!! I ended up going with the Vita tote after all.
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