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Can you personally recommend a career counselor in the Chicago area (or who works remotely)?

What I'm looking for:

- focus on "what to do" rather than "how to get there"
- grad school focus, but not to the exclusion of other options
- one or a few sessions, not a long-term thing

What I'm not looking for (and what google keeps turning up):

- resume editing, interview coaching
- $$$$ executive life consultants
- culty / MLM garbage

I tried my alma mater's careers office but they have a five-years-past-graduation cutoff.

Within Chicago is ideal, but I can drive to the burbs for someone great. Skype/phone can work too - in fact if there's someone you like who works over email, that would be perfect, since I'm an internet-raised mole person who prefers text over face-to-face interaction.
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A longtime friend of mine does career counseling with Two Oaks out of the Chicago/SE Wisconsin area. I know that she has quite a bit of experience in the college career counseling arena, so that could potentially be a good fit for your need for a grad school + other options focus. I don't have any kind of business connection to her or her company, she is just someone I've known for quite a long time and who I'd trust to be very thoughtful and do high-quality work in her field.
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JVS is very very good at this, and has both a downtown and a Skokie location.
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