Looking for a scanner that works with Chromebook
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I bought an Asus Chromebook for travel, and like it enough to make it my home laptop as well. But I quickly realized it won't work with my old (but very reliable) ScanSnap S1500. Any Chromebook-compatible scanner recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

I would love to spend $100 or less, but would go up to $200. A combo printer-scanner would be nice. Is this possible??
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In my house, we have an Epson all-in-one machine. When we scan, there’s an option to scan to a “cloud account” — so we selected my Google Drive. Now when it scans and uploads, the file appears in an “Epson Connect” folder 10-30 seconds later when my Chromebook syncs.

I’m assuming you mean a document scanner, not a barcode scanner.
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I am typing this on an Asus Chromebook. I have a canon mg7720 that it talks to wirelessly. Scanning goes through google drive on the chromebook, and it took me a while to figure that out, but ultimately it works fine.

If I recall correctly, the first time I tried to print from this chromebook to the Canon the chromebook self installed the drives or something like that. As long as the Asus and the printer are on the same wifi network they play nice together.

That being said, I hate the Canon with the heat of a thousand suns, mostly because I frequently do multiple printings and this thing has some sort of process it goes though after (and sometimes in the middle of) every batch. I find myself racing to get the next item scanned or printed before it starts it's multi-minute machinations.

It also takes several minutes after plugging in/turning on to go these this process and to be ready for printing or scanning.

But, here's how not bright I am: My last printer was also a Canon, similar model. It did the exact same thing and I couldn't wait for it to die. It never died. I used it for several years and now it's my backup printer/scanner. I don't know why I thought another Canon wouldn't have the same issues, but it does, and so I also hate this one but expect it to live forever like the last one.
If you don't do a lot of multiples of printing this issue probably won't bother you.

Also, I buy the incredibly cheap off brand inks via amazon and have never had a problem using
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Okay, I just checked amazon for this printer/scanner and for some reason it's over $300. I checked my order and I paid $79, so I don't know whats happening here, but I'm guessing that any of the newer canons would also work with chromebooks.
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