Slackbot for onboarding new Slack users
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I'm setting up a Slack workspace for a community group. I want to set up a Slackbot that pushes messages to new users on a set schedule. I tried Aloha but the new users aren't actually seeing those messages. Do you have a recommendation for a different (free) app to use?

I'm looking for something straightforward and easy to set up. There area a bunch in the Slack app directory, but they don't have a review system, so I need some direction as to which one to try.
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This will require a little bit more of an involved setup, but I used to work at 18F and they deployed a bot to do just this called Dolores Landingham (a West Wing reference). You might want to check it out, open source and free to use. It’s been deployed to other companies not related to 18F since it’s been open sourced.
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Update: I got Aloha to work (I had to email the creators, there was some bug on their end). Definitely still interested in any other options that you have come across that you like!
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