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I'm thinking of setting up a science-fiction/fantasy group that'll meet up in real life. I'm thinking once a month we'll meet in a local pub and just talk about various sci-fi/fantasy things. And of course I want a cool name, something that'll attract attention on a flyer, but also be inclusive and not so sff that it'll put people off. I was thinking just Mullingar Science Fiction & Fantasy group, but that doesn't really roll off the tongue.

Also, if you have any advice as to how to promote it that'd be great too, but I'm mainly focusing on name suggestions at the moment. I'd like to do a bit of set-up and organising and think a good name'll help.
A few of my friends have already said they're interested, but I do want to make it welcoming to everybody, not just people I already know. The idea is to try and make it appeal to as many people as enjoy sff as possible.
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Having the name describe your values/mission will speak to both your questions: it will help narrow down the choice of name, and it will help attract members.

So, what is the focus of the group?
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Since your organizing, I suggest you take your favorite book and use the government from that book. Something like "The Empire's Council" or "The Protoss Council" or "Death Eaters Council" or something.

As long as you think it's cool, you'll like the name!
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Mulingar Scientific Fiction Society
Mulingar Drinking and Science Fiction Society
The Tralfaz-Slagathor Alliance
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A now-closed science fiction bookstore in Chicago was called The Stars Our Destination. I always liked that.

That having been said, any particularly memorable noun could serve as a club name. Fuzzballs, Nerf Herders, Scoobies, Gar Squadron. Only thing I'd stay away from is 'Resistance' from the Star Wars movies, since that's also used for political activism nowadays.
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> Rob Rockets: "Mulingar Drinking and Science Fiction Society"

No disrespect, but this one I'd stay away from, since it may discourage teenagers, alcoholics, non-drinkers, and people who have to work the next day.
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The main focus will be to meet & socialise with people who have an interest in sci-fi/fantasy. Books, films, or TV, any and all. It's general, but I really don't want to give off the "you must be an expert geek in this specific sci-fi show to join", instead I'm going for a more, "hey, you like sff, cool. What do you love? That sounds awesome maybe I'll check it out, and here;s what I love" vibe.

I like Nerf Herders, and of course the Scooby Gang would appeal to my BtVS side...

Keep 'em coming :)
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The Midlands Reads SFF / The Midlands Loves SFF
Cuchulainn's Crew
The Wizard's Social Club
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WcityMike, I miss that store!
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Made me think of Among Others, so... that.
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You could call it something: longer description

So Otherworlds: the Mullingar Science Fiction & Fantasy Group
The Dark Council: a Science Fiction & Fantasy discussion group

Then just call it by the first part.
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I would urge you not to get too cute with the name. If you want people to find this thing, it needs to be extremely obvious what the point of it is. I found my current SFF writing group because its Meetup name was "Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers" - if the name had been any more opaque or clever, I might never have noticed it!

That being said, a great tactic is to include something in the name that calls out a selling point of this particular group in comparison to other, similar groups. A friend made a Meetup group called "Hiking for Lazy People" because all the other hiking groups were going on too-difficult hikes, and it because very popular very quickly because a lot of people felt the same way about the other groups.

(And, yeah, put the group on Meetup once it's all set up. Make a Facebook group for it too - not a page, a group where people can comment if you add them. It will "drive engagement," as they say.)
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A now-closed science fiction bookstore in Chicago was called The Stars Our Destination. I always liked that.

The Bars Our Destination
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Melkotian Space Law
(Star Trek TOS reference)
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Another word for SF/F is speculative fiction. So, something like "The Specs" or "The Speculative Society" might work...although that may not sound as warm as you'd like.
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I would love to tell someone I can't meet up, because, sorry, that's the night I meet with The Dark Council.
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Thanks for all the advice, I'm going to go with Fireflies : a science fiction & fantasy group.

We don't have fireflies in Ireland, but they're pretty cool insects, plus you have some scifi fantasy references there, Firefly by Joss Whedon (which I love), the group in The Last of Us, and there are probably loads more I can't think of off the top of my head.
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