Poor dental health of chihuahuas
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Would anyone know of a good vet (and pricing) for heavy cleaning and extraction of some teeth for Chihuahuas in the Toronto area? Today I found a molar on the floor...and then the horror which are my Chihuahuas' teeth. Thanks...
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A very good (but somewhat expensive) vet office is the Downtown Animal Hospital:
579 Church
Toronto, ON
Tel: 416-966-5122
They're at Church a bit north of Wellesly. They're very friendly, extremely good with animals, and well staffed.
A list of other vets is here
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I've also heard very good things about a vet's office on the Danforth (there's only one listed on the list linked above), but it's only second hand, so take it with a grain of salt.
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My friend is having six of her cat's teeth extracted here next week. They have a 10% discount on teeth extraction right now (apparently most vets do as February is Animal Dental Health month or something) and she has been told to expect a bill of about $1100.

Secord Animal Hospital
3271 Yonge
Toronto, ON
Tel: 416-486-1700
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We had 3 teeth extracted from one of our cats at the Blue Cross animal hospital (the one on Danforth). They did an amazing job for a good price, and the cat was eating solid food the next morning. They always get great reviews in the Now Magazine Reader survey and they get business from way outside walking distance.

They used to be walk-in but now they're appointment only.
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Oh yeah, useful info:

132 Danforth Ave
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Not sure about prices but a good vet is St. Clair Animal Services, specifically Dr. Hannah. Near St. Clair and... oh, Dufferin Ossington or so.
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Best answer: I went to Darlington Veterinary Hospital (200 Marycroft Ave., Woodbridge, 905-851-0142) a little out of the way, but the price was good: $360 for each dog; scaling (cleaning of severe plaque build-up) includes extraction (three teeth for one, and five for another) and can of wet food each. They accommodated me with little notice, and alleviated my concerns about the poor condition of the little dogs' teeth. A great place, with great service and attitude; highly recommended!
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