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I want to listen to music while I'm in the shower, ideally by streaming Spotify from my phone. How do I do this without wrecking my phone from water damage?

That's it, really. Hope me.

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Waterproof bluetooth speaker
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We have this and this. The Amazon Basics has a nice strap that you can use to hang it from a shower caddy or whatever. The Oontz has outstanding battery life and can be shockingly loud.
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"Bluetooth shower speaker," they have them at Target, among many other places. I couldn't find a good ranking, so I imagine they're pretty commodified, get-what-you-pay-for, and priced somewhat similarly to regular bluetooth speakers.
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For about the same price, I found an alexa dot is perfect for this. You can even set up a routine where she tells you the news of the day (source up to you) and then plays your spotify after!
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I have a Bluetooth shower speaker I bought at Five Below for $5 and it's great -- loud enough, the suction cup is super strong, and I've dropped it in the shower and it's recovered.
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We have several waterproof speakers (also for using next to the hot tub).

You can also put your phone in a ziploc. I wouldn't, like, hold it long-term under the shower spray unless you are extremely confident in your zipping skills, but this is also what I do in the hot tub (BECAUSE I USED TO NOT, AND THEN I LEARNED). Touchscreens work fine through the plastic. You could get a suction-cup/Command cup and mount that decently out of the way of the splash zone, then put your bagged phone in that.
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As far as waterproof bluetooth speakers, I like the Soundbot, which you can normally get for ~$10. Big suction cup that sticks to the shower wall. The sound quality is not great but completely adequate.
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Just throw your phone in a quart-sized freezer bag, and make sure it's zipped up well. Or a bluetooth waterproof speaker works well.
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Yes, get the speaker, and keep your phone far far away from the bathroom. Trust me.
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If you don't want to buy a speaker, put your phone in a glass or bowl on the counter, farthest away from the shower. It's surprisingly loud and clear.
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My shower is a noisy place. No tiny internal device speakers have been up to the job of giving me shower music. I have a previous generation of the Oontz Angle speaker, second link in joyceanmachine's comment above. Can confirm, it is excellent in sound quality and rather astonishingly loud, great battery life, and has not suffered from shower proximity. It isn't waterproof, but it is nicely water-resistant. I think I've had it for ~3 years.

It is the least troublesome bluetooth device I've ever had. It pairs easily and just works.

I've stuck my phone in a zipper bag a few times, but mostly I just put on a premade playlist so that I don't have to endanger my phone. I use the volume buttons on the speaker itself.
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My son likes to have music in the shower. In addition to a bluetooth speaker(I think the Oontz is the one we've got), he uses a waterproof phone pouch (readily available on Amazon - we have one from Amazon Basics, which they don't appear to have anymore). The setup works well.
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I use my Google Home mini for this.
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I have a JBL Bluetooth speaker that I use to listen to music in the shower. It doesn’t need to be physically in the shower to hear it. Although I have the luxury of turning the volume up without worrying about bothering anyone.
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Came in to suggest google home mini as well. Being able to change the song/playlist/volume using voice commands is the best ever.
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As long as you are not too worried about sound quality, I have discovered the amazingly high-tech solution of putting my phone in a Ziploc bag and bringing it in the shower with me.

EDIT: I now see many others discovered it before me.
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My husband also puts his into a Ziploc bag. He's a podcast addict and listens to them everywhere, including the shower.
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I swear by my Polk Audio Swimmer. The wraparound shower curtain design stays put. It has some bass ability, though I wouldn't recommend a thumpy bass playlist. It likes the Beatles quite a bit, as well as the Dead.

The internal rechargeable battery lasts for about 4 long showers. They have a stereo version as well, that seems like overkill for a shower.
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