Synthetic travel t-shirt
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I’m looking for a thicker and roomier variety of synthetic t-shirts.

I need some nice (men’s) tee shirts for travel. No V-necks or pockets. I like the synthetic variety because they are easy to wash and dry in the room where I’m staying. Lately; the only type I can find are made for runners. The fabric is whisper thin, they come day-glo or multi-colored and have a tight fit. I’ve found polo shirts with the thick fabric but not tees.

I’m looking for suggestions for good synthetic tee-shirts that have a thicker fabric, come in a plain color and are relaxed fit XXL (oh… and available in the US).
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I'm in almost the same market; relaxed fit, plain color crew neck tees... but I like cotton and pockets.

I've been ordering one shirt here and one there from a few companies on Amazon, trying out different cuts, and I ended up with a tee that's too heavy for summer; looking back at the order form, it's "heavyweight" that was the term I'd missed in the description. Try that; I don't know if you'll have any luck with that term on the non-natural-fiber side of things, but it's worth a check.

If you can't find any, well, polo goes a long way, and dresses up as well as down, unless you're going so far down that people are allergic to collars. I got a Vegas nosebleed out of a white synthetic golf-style logo polo, surely a miracle of science.
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My husband looooooves the Patagonia Nine Trails t-shirt. It feels cottony, like a poly-cotton blend tee, and it dries fast, but it still has some weight to it. It's often on sale at REI and similar stores, if that's something you have access to.

Argh, on edit, I realize they don't come in XXL. They also don't come in women's sizes (which is my problem, not yours). Sorry!
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Have you tried REI? I have colder weather hiking shirts which fit most of that description.
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Outlier sells ultrafine merino t shirts - spendy but the best
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