Queens Quietude Query
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Where can one easily go for peace and quietude near Astoria, Queens without spending a lot of time or money?

My partner lives in Astoria, Queens and recently lamented that they can't relax in NYC. That there's nowhere where one can experience peace and quietude. We sometimes visit Seattle together and they enjoy the fact that there are places there where nobody is out and nothing is going on.

They sometimes go to spas in the city for this, but often find that the people there are quite loud and rowdy. Are there any spas that really enforce peace and quietude or other places that aren't too hard to get to from Astoria without a car and aren't too expensive that they could go?
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Outdoors, I have found these places to be generally quiet on weekends (but not necessarily 100% isolated): Rainey Park, Socrates Sculpture Park, Queensbridge Park and Hallets Point. I have also heard good things about the Noguchi Museum and I suspect it is not as trafficked as other places.
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There are often very quiet spots on Randall's Island (when there's not a festival), particularly on the southern part. You can walk there on the Triboro Bridge pedestrian walkway (which is, alas, not quiet at all).
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When you say without spending a lot of time....what's your upper limit? If it's within the standard "hour or so it takes to commute places" there are a few park-y options; none of these have too many amenties but will be peaceful:

You're an hour and change away from Forest Park, which is a place I've gone to myself; it's smallish but deceptively peaceful, especially when you get onto one of the three hiking trails they have.

You're a similar distance from Fort Totten, a former army base turned park.

Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum and the Brooklyn Botanic garden are all actually less than an hour away.

Fort Tryon Park is pretty quiet. The fact that the Cloisters is up there is a bonus.

Two recent articles on this topic.
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Greenwood Cemetery is the only place I’ve ever been in NYC and been able to look around and not see another person in any direction. It’s beautiful, quiet, and huge.
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Seconding the Noguchi and Socrates!
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The courtyard of the Noguchi Museum was one of my favorite relaxing places when I lived in Astoria! Lovely and quiet. Admission is $10 and an individual membership is $80.
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I also came to say Noguchi Museum. It was very peaceful both inside and out when we went.
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How early are you willing to get up? The world is pretty much yours before 7AM. Even Flushing-Corona Park is pretty much empty.

There is a guide book for quiet places in New York, some of them in Queens.
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A friend who used to live in NYC recommended going to churches for quiet.
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