Help me find another forgotten book- chick lit style
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Looking for a book about an overweight, stressed out woman who loses weight by walking the city.

I have very little to go on, but thought I would give it a try here as it has been bugging me for quite some time. Looking for a fiction book read between 2000 and 2010, set in the present time with a female overweight protagonist. Something upsetting happens in her life (someone in the hospital? a breakup? a parent/friend death?) and because of this she spends a lot of time walking the city streets thinking. As an unintended result, she loses weight and things in her life begin to turn around. And I can't remember more than that. All of my searches online have failed, so maybe someone can help me with this.
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Best answer: Sounds like Good in Bed by Jennifer Weiner.
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Or maybe “In Her Shoes” also by Jennifer Weiner. The main character quits her lawyer job and becomes a dog walker after her boyfriend cheats with her sister. Thinking and weight loss ensues and eventually everything magically turns out fine.
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Best answer: I also came here to suggest Good In Bed by Jennifer Weiner. As I recall, the main character loses the weight near to the end of the book when her child is hospitalized. It's been some time since I read it, though.
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Best answer: Ha -- I also came in here to say Good In Bed. We are all correct!! :)
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Response by poster: You are brilliant and fast! I don't read a lot of chick lit but should have thought to look through Jennifer Weiner's book descriptions. I have googled various combinations of things so many times and it never came up. Many thanks.
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IIRC Cannie regains the weight once


her preemie baby's health improves .

There's also a sequel
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Many of Weiner's other books also have plus size protagonists.
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