UK city councillor wants to get onto Nextdoor in ward
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Hi all, I am a UK city councillor and I want to get onto Nextdoor for the area I represent but do not live in, so I can respond to people's casework requests and enquiries. How do I do that? They seem to have address verification and invite steps for residents and I don't want to spoof that of course. Do I sign up as a business? Thank you!
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Your best course of action seems to be to contact them using this form. Choose "Press and partnership enquiries," then "Public Services Partnership" and specify "City Council" as your an organisation affiliation. As I understand it, you need a public service type account, rather than a resident account—users have the ability to filter posts from public services, and public services have the ability to post to broader areas than resident accounts.
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Our local (USA) elected figures use public service accounts. Keep in mind that Nextdoor's public service accounts are unable to view neighborhood content outside of comments left on the agency's posts. Your public service account will be able to receive and respond to private messages. More details here.
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