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While watching the olympics I've seen a few ads with Visa's new slogan, "Life Takes Visa" and I really like the song playing in the background. It seems like a pop/rock song (with a little classical in there too), though it may have been composed specifically for the commercial. So my question: if you've seen the ad, do you know what song that is? (And where I could get it? - hopefully iTunes)
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The ad is here. No mention of who made the music.
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Yeah, I checked all the ad and TV commercial sites I'm familiar with and couldn't find any mention of it either -- but if you contact the people at the bottom of the press release, they might have an answer for you. It is a pretty little piece of music.
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It sounds very much written for the task, but I could be wrong. I Googled for ten minutes and came up with nothing except the ad agency who made it are TBWA\Chiat\Day (who have the most useless Web site ever).
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If anyone cares, the "Determination" ad is Radian by Air, but all those other pieces are definitely not by them. The first names that pop into my head are people like Jon Brion, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Jeff Lynne, but I'm reasonably sure it's none of them.. but it gets me thinking.. :)
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Response by poster: Ahh, I was looking all over visa's site and didn't see the ad there because Adblock blocked. it. Thanks for the tips so far.
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I'm guessing it's music specifically made for the ad. You can trying emailing and asking TBWA/Chiat/Day in Los Angeles, since they did the ad. (Some ad agencies are pretty good about answering those types of questions.)
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Oops, broken link: TBWA/Chiat/Day
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Response by poster: I have that Hey Jude Cover, and you're right it does sound like Mutato. I've also just found this AdTunes forum posting of the same question, so I'll keep my eyes there too.
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Yeah, that site can be helpful sometimes. ;)
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