Good UFO/alien documentaries?
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Are there any legitimately good UFO or alien sightings, or abduction, documentaries? I feel like all the ones created are so cheesy and immature, and I’d really love to see something of a particular quality. I’m not expecting Errol Morris here, but something actually interesting and enticing about an event like the Rendelsham Forest sighting would be really cool, or even the Phoenix Lights, or any other big sighting, without the cheesy graphics and sound effects. Anyone have some recommendations?
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UFOs and the Military Elite. Despite the crazy name it's a pretty interesting series of interviews with pilots, missile control staff etc who've seen literal Unidentified Flying Object's and people who were at Roswell and handled the materials before the military got the,. The guy who did the press conference at Roswell says he was part of a cover-up, his family corroborates etc etc

I'm a total skeptic and this was clearly made by a devotee and I'm sure it isn't unbiased but it's pretty interesting to watch and pretty non-sensational as these things go. All the people interviewed seem pretty credible and normal. I'm still not sure it's not all bullshit but at least it doesn't insult your intelligence like Ancient Aliens.
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Probably not quite what you're after, but one of Richard Mueller's Physics for Future Presidents series of lectures (Waves I), goes into what *really* happened at Roswell, touching on what was found, why that thing existed, what the deception was, and why it was necessary. It goes for just over an hour, and is primarily a physics lesson, but if you're interested in UFO phenomena, and science in general, it's still fascinating to hear his take on Roswell.
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