hiking shirt for small framed, long armed guy
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What brands do suggest investigating for travel/hiking shirts for a male with long arms and a small frame?

In dress shirts, the "trim fit" usually does the trick. He's misplaced the one shirt that fit (??) and is now shopping with a tight deadline. Too bad we can't remember what brand he had!

The type of shirt he's talking about will be some sort of light weight, quick drying fabric, perhaps with some mesh inserts. If you have a shirt you like, please share the brand, thank you!
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Do you have an REI near you? If so, I'd suggest just going there and trying a bunch of stuff on. Your normative, outdoor-clothing-model male hiker is a small and trim guy, so there should be options. An REI will have a good selection.
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I've had good luck with montbell
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Thank you - he found a Craghopper at REI. No Montbells to try in his size, but the info is very much appreciated!
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