What sort of a drink is Marlon?
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I've been re-visiting The Street's first two albums, and he mentions drinking Marlon. I have done some googling, and have found a Marlon cocktail (that sounds disgusting), but I doubt this is what Mike Skinner is referring to. What is it? A brandy (he likes brandy)?
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Apparently botched rhyming slang for brandy
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Marlon Brando/y I guess???
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Thanks, Kate: Big light bulb going off over here. I keep hearing "BINGO" as well. I even had the answer in my question, if I only knew.

Cute. Nice to know of that article as well, which had eluded me.
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Apparently botched rhyming slang for brandy

And yet, a few years after that article was published, someone posting as "Mike Skinner" added "marlon" to Urban Dictionary. Was he trying to make "marlon" happen or did he just get tired of explaining what the usage meant?
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Thanks for adding a tiny bit of intrigue into the Marlon mythos.
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