How to display a wide colour test image on an LG OLED TV
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I have an LG "C7" OLED TV which has DCI-P3 wide colour gamut support. How can I view some wide colour gamut content?

I watched some Wimbledon on the BBC iPlayer in "UHD", which looked quite colourful, but I'd quite like to just look at some calibration images and see if I can tell the difference.

Something like this "webkit" test page would be ideal , but that page does not work in the TV's web browser for me (it displays, but all the images look like the standard colour versions).

I have a Nintendo Switch, a PS3 and a laptop with HDMI, in addition to all the stuff built into the TV like BBC iPlayer and Netflix.

(There are some tech specs and calibration test results for the TV here)

I am in the UK.

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Maybe I'm not exactly understanding the question. I went to this page after googling the gamut thing. it seems you want to watch HDR content? I've got the same type of TV and if so, here's some answers.

Your laptop and game consoles don't do HDR. I dont have Netflix but there seems to be HDR and Dolby Vision content on it. I guess that's your best bet to watch it immediately though it will be quite heavily compressed.

Otherwise, there's different methods to play HDR material. Easiest way is via USB. Download some test videos and put them on a stick or HD. There's a couple of sites supplying them, this is one of them.

For watching movies there's all sorts of options. You'd have to buy something that can play UHD Blu Rays if you want to go that way. If you don't mind finding content on the internet you could stream it from your laptop by an app called Plex.

Personally, I got a Nvidia Shield because I also want surround sound in the best quality and that was not possible using the USB and/or Plex method.

Anyway, short answer, download some test vids and play it by USB. ;-)
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Response by poster: Thanks, Kosmob0t, I will certainly try that (haven't had a chance yet)

HDR is not exactly the same thing as wide colour gamut (although most HDR encodings do include wide colour, I think), and demo videos are quite different to calibration images.

I will try putting some wide colour calibration images on a USB stick from a PC and try to open them on the TV
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