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Can I create a collapsible index of hard and soft documents?

I'm doing some training at the moment and I have tons of documents - folders and folders of hard copy that I received at training sessions and also a whole bunch of pdfs.
To help me find the information I want efficiently, I started creating an index of all the documents as a text file. Then I started adding the TOC of each document. And then it struck me that it'd be really neat if the index was collapsible, functioning like Windows Explorer. Can this be done?
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It sounds like you're looking for an outliner. If you were on a Mac, I'd recommend Omni Outliner. If you're on Windows, you may already have one that's good enough - built in to Microsoft Word.
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(Omni would also allow you to attach the PDFs to your outline. There may be a Windows outlilner that can do that also.)
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