Help me keep my sheet together
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I have a tub washer, Maytag, Bravos 6 years old, no agitator. My clothes and linens are significantly more holey.

I don’t use the power wash cycle if I can avoid it (fast wash) should I do everything on delicates? Or put everything in lingerie bags, assuming I can find one big enough for a king sized sheet?
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A lot of people are complaining that Maytag Bravos are harsh on clothes, largely due to the very small amounts of water the machine uses & the way the clothes rub against each other without much water to cushion them. I saw several reviews where people said using the "deep water" fill option was the only one that actually got their clothes clean & didn't tear them.

If you want to put your sheets in bags, you might look for larger mesh/nylon laundry bags rather than lingerie bags.
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An acquaintance said she was getting holes when using the highest spin speed on her HE front-loader. She said using the slowest spin speed solved it for her.
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Until recently I had a Bravos washer, and used delicate wash most of the time because our clothes weren’t very dirty. It did require pre-treating collar grime and spots that needed something stronger...but I would have done a good amount of pre-treating in any case. The downside to the delicate cycle is that it uses a slower spin, so the clothes end up wetter at the end of the cycle. If necessary, I ran a fast spin before putting a load in the dryer or hanging things to dry...the spin didn’t seem to harm the clothes. I put jeans and towels through the standard wash cycle, and sheets got the ‘bulky’ deep water setting.

About a month ago, rust started flaking off and staining the clothes. I was so happy to get rid of that washer.
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If the clothes are rubbing against each other more, it's the more important to zip all zippers (and button pants to keep the zippers zipped, etc). Zipper teeth are well-named.
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Another culprit might be a weakening of the fibers due to a harsh product not being fully rinsed out after use. If the Maytag Bravos are known to use less water per load, your usual measurements for detergent/bleach etc. might be too much for this particular washer. I used to always throw a scoop of oxiclean in with my wash in addition to my detergent, then I got a new HE washer and found that I had to eliminate that step because it was eating my clothes.
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Thanks all. I’ve used extra rinse as a default... and I’ll make sure to watch what I set it at was wise.

Ido the zipper thing for the few things that have zippers; bras get mangled even if closed and in a lingerie bag.

I’m careful to only wash sheets and blankets together, but I bought a tougher sheet (linin) and will be more aware.

As for detergents ... I use 1oz of Charlie’s soap and borax once a month on sheets.
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