How long can I store not-yet-cooked fava bean falafel mix in the fridge?
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I wanted to make falafel tomorrow using dried fava beans. So, I just started soaking the beans. But, I realized I need to soak the beans for 24 hours, not overnight. That means I would be cooking the falafel at like 11 PM tomorrow; not very fun. If instead I just do all the prep but not cook (i.e., process the beans and spices etc. but stop there) tomorrow night, how long will the ready-to-be-cooked mixture keep in the fridge? Will it still be tasty?
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Why don't you just keep the fava beans soaking until you are ready to do it all? They will be fine if you keep them soaking longer.
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Ah, really? I was thinking too much soaking would ruin the beans somehow. So soaking, say, 40-45 hours is fine?
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You can just cook them if it's less than the full 24h. It may take a little longer but you'll be fine. I've cooked a ton of dried beans and I've never really noticed a difference between soaking a few hours and overnight other than cook time.
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If the faves are smaller, or split, then you should be fine soaking them for around 18 hours. Just cut or split one open and see if it has hydrated to the core of the bean. You could also try grinding up a few to test the texture.

A 40ish hour soak would probably be ok, as long as it is in the fridge. It is actually possible to oversoak beans. The biggest risk is that they ferment (bubbles, funky smell). I’ve had beans ferment at room temp overnight. The other issue is that they could start to sprout with a multi-day soak.

If you decide to make the mixture and then hold in the fridge, I wouldn’t hold it for more than a day. Since the beans are still raw, they could still ferment.

If it helps, the mixture can be formed into patties/balls, frozen on a sheet tray, then put in a freezer bag for longer storage. Take out what you want/need, let them thaw for about 30 mins and then fry as usual.
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I kept falafel mix (chickpea, not fava) in the fridge for four days until I cooked the falafels. I wouldn't recommend over-soaking the beans, as they can go sort of fermenty.
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