Least sweet ice cream brand- SF Bay Area filter
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I like ice cream. I don't like it so syrup-sweet it almost burns your tongue (I'm looking at you, San Francisco favorite Bi-Rite!). Suggestions wanted for a supermarket or fancy shop ice cream in the SF Bay Area (I'm mostly East Bay). It'd be a superplus if this was a supermarket pint that I could pick up on a whim, but fancy shop ice cream recommendations will be... investigated enthusiastically.
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I bet Mitchell's has something for you. Avocado (e.g.) is very mild, but still has that "ice cream" sweetened cream thing, which I don't know how easy will be to avoid in general. Baby Coconut, too.
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I think a mild flavor at Fenton's in Oakland would probably do the trick.
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Alden's (at Whole Foods and Safeway) is not as sweet as others. I've tried the vanilla. Straus's ice cream is also less sweet than usual.
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Ice cream maker. Totally worth it.
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Agree that Alden's is less sweet than other ice creams, although I still wish it was a bit less sweet. The mint chip is a mainstay in our freezer. Sold at Berkeley Bowl West!
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Tara’s organic ice cream might have some flavors you’d like.
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Not strictly ice cream, but Almare Gelato in downtown Berkeley has some lovely flavors that aren't just about sweetness (at least when I used to go there...). I also dislike too-sweet desserts and that place was one of my go-tos in the Bay Area.
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Humphrey Slocombe does incredible savoury/spicy flavours, and tends towards 'rich' rather than 'sweet' on the dessert-y scale.
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Seconding Humphry (no e!) Slocombe. Original shop is in the Mission, there's one in the Ferry Building too. Some of their flavors are traditionally sweet but others in their always-rotating selection range from savory to tangy to tart... Yum!
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Seconding ice cream maker! It's the only way I can get high-fat zero-carb ice cream for keto, and I've really enjoyed making 'much less sweet' ice creams as well. Also surprisingly easy to use.
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Original shop is in the Mission, there's one in the Ferry Building too.

There's a Humphry Slocombe in Oakland now too, on Broadway just north of Grand.

I'd also suggest Ici in Elmwood. Their selection varies daily, but it's worth a shot.
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Seconding Tara's!! East-bay based, savory/herby flavors.
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They don't do takeaway pints as far as I'm aware, but...Aube Creamery in the SF Japantown mall (lower level, near Kinokuniya) opened recently and is absolutely fantastic for those that aren't into completely over-the-top sweetness. The ice cream (soft serve style) is just sweet enough to pass as ice cream, and they offer a variety of toppings. Their flavor choices and toppings draw heavily on Asian confection staples, so there's a good variety of mildly sweet (red bean, taro, etc.) and even earthy, bitter-ish toppings that go a long way to offset the sweetness of the ice cream (macha, hojicha powder, black sesame, etc.).
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Nieves Cinco de Mayo near the Fruitvale BART station is wonderful. Don't miss the elotes (corn) ice cream.
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Another vote for Tara’s. I don’t like it much but I have a real sweet tooth so it might be just what you’re after. There’s also, amusingly, always some flavor there that’s like “let’s go through the spice cabinet and pick something that doesn’t belong in ice cream.”
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I second Nieves Cinco de Mayo, and also Lush which is an Argentine style gelateria on Piedmont avenue. Neither do takeaway but they are absolutely worth checking out.
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Salt and Straw has a couple of locations in SF and they have some amazing flavors. Also seconding Mitchell's.
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