Do I take this job?
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I would like to decide whether to indicate to my employer I want to work for them full time.

I'm about 80% through my internship in between years grad school and I need to decide where to go long term.

Because you've guys never led me astray, and helped me with this question - I feel that I need to leave with some signal about whether I want to do it long term. I've received positive feedback and lots of work. They haven't given me an offer or explored it yet with me, but I think I should lead the conversation if it's something I want.

Overall, it's been mixed. I wouldn't say I love it but I don't hate it. I'm at a top tier finance firm.

The pros:
--Met great people and in three short months my network has expanded exponentially. I've made contacts that I know will help me down the line in my career and that I've never would have had access to otherwise.
--Learned a lot about different industries
--Senior management seems invested in my success
--Very autonomous and up to me about what I do
--The hours haven't been terrible, and it's been mostly self directed about how much I work.
--The pay is decent. (But I don't care much about money - my lifestyle is pretty modest and I value day to day happiness over money, and I'm incredibly lucky to not have loans as I'm using savings for grad school).

The cons:
--I'm frustrated a lot because the vast majority of the deals fall through for arbitrary reasons. I don't have a ton of decision making power. It's kind of a glorified sales development rep role.
--It's kind of a lonely job. I'm on my own a lot and make my own calls all the time. I don't mind it but sometimes I like having a team to work with.
--I hate networking. Lots of annoying people and surface level conversations. Maybe it's not that important and long term I'll be "better" at it as I like to build real relationships but it's a slog in the meantime.
--I prefer overall my old job - I like being an operator and being close to customers and product.
--In the beginning I was really stressed and now I've mellowed out. But I imagine I could be stressed as it's a sales role
--There is an opportunity cost in that I am young and not doing something else like starting a company, but also super aware that it's not an easy road and should only be something I do because I'm 100% passionate.

I don't want to make the wrong choice. I can also work part time for them during the school year but also not sure about that.

I also feel silly going back to my old company because I don't want to "waste" grad school and wondering if I thinking the "grass is greener" situation.
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Look around the company to see if there are jobs that would better meet your needs. Then ask for that job.
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It really sounds like this is not the place you want to be long-term, and that's fine. It was a good place to learn and make connections, but you want a job that involves teamwork, being close to the product, and somewhat lower stress.

I agree with theora55 that the company might have another role for you, but I think you should not actively pursue a position for after graduation right now. Why lock yourself in? Go back to school, think about what you want long term, and next year use some of those new connections of yours to get in touch with people in the field you want.

If they bring it up or express interest in you long term, be noncommittal. Don't burn the bridge, but make it clear that you know you have a lot more to learn in school and would love to talk to them again when you're ready to look for a job. Maybe you'll end up there, maybe you won't, but don't make a commitment now to something you're not super excited about.
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What you describe sounds like a fairly standard intern experience. The other roles there would necessarily be "not an intern," so they'll be more focused and involved. You're just there to see how the gears turn right now.
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