Hotel recommendations in Miami/Miami Beach
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Hive mind: what are your favorite boutique hotels or places to stay in Miami/Miami Beach?

I typically prefer funky places like the Freehand but with so many good options am interested in others opinions.

Building on the question:

-recommendations for off the beaten path things to do, places to see, galleries to check out for art and culture nerds from the west coast.
- weekend get out of town adventures (virgin islands etc?)

Im there for 10 days for work thus the inquiry.

Thanks in advance.
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The Standard is actually great there.
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Z Ocean Hotel South Beach is one of my favorites. It's small, a block from the beach and the rooms are gorgeous. I stayed there last year for one night on the same points it would cost for a Holiday Inn Express. They gave us a corner room with not one, but two patios on different levels. The upper level had it's own hot tub.

Do not do the Deauville Beach Resort - its gone past funky to run down and they charge a 19% gratuity on every thing you buy.
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Seconding Z Ocean, those rooms are great. If you're not familiar with Miami Beach, be aware that restaurants there often add an 18% tip automatically, but they still leave a line for you to leave a tip. Check your bills carefully.
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I might be a little late to this question, but if you are looking for things to do in your last couple days:

The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens (Coral Gables) -- I really enjoy architecture and gardens and had a nice wander.

The World Erotic Art Museum (Miami Beach) -- A friend and I went and had an amusing hour or so taking in the various artwork. It was fun people-watching too as far as the couples and groups of people coming in and their reactions to the artwork went as well (though it might be because we went late on a weekend night). Bonus: photo op with giant golden penis at the end.

I can't vouch for these, personally, but wanted to go:

The Art Deco Museum (and walking tour) (Miami Beach) -- Even if you don't have the time to do a tour, it's fun to walk up and down the main street and take in the Art Deco architecture.

The Wynwood Walls (Wynwood) -- This might not qualify as off-the-beaten path as this was something people would always tell me about when I would mention taking a trip to Miami. Basically an outdoor gallery of really excellent graffiti art.

Also, if you don't want to spend a lot of cash on a fancy hotel (though it sounds like you might be willing to based on your question) but want to hang out by a nice pool: daypasses! My friend and I did a daypass at the Como Metropolitan Miami Beach which we both thought was wonderful, very luxurious and relaxing. I spent an afternoon at The Confidante Miami Beach before my flight took off which was also nice, but not in the same way as the Como. It had more of a fun/upbeat vibe, though, which might be more of what you're looking for.

Lastly, not sure if you wound up staying at The Freehand, but they had a great bar there as well!
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