Where can I buy indigo dyeing supplies in person?
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I was planning to do some indigo dyeing this weekend, but left my thiox (Thiourea dioxide) at home, a three hour drive from where I am now. Is thiox, or alternatively Sodium Hydrosulfite, something that can be purchased in person outside of specialty dye stores? Or, can you think of a store in Indianapolis where I could buy supplies for natural dyeing and/or a premixed indigo dyeing kit?

I’ve already tried the local Joann Fabrics, Michaels, and Hobby Lobby to see if they have kits, with no luck.
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I think you might have better luck doing a fruit vat so you don’t need the thiox than trying to track it down. You can get fructose pretty readily if you don’t want to deal with buying a bag of apples (or collecting fallen fruit) and straining off the juice.
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Here is a good description of the fruit vat method, btw. Pickling lime should be available at any place with canning supplies.
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I didn’t even think of a fruit vat - perfect suggestion!
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