Can I toast sticky rice in advance (for laab)?
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For making laab, can I toast the sticky rice in bulk and freeze it (or even store it in the pantry), or does it go stale?
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I toast rice, grind it in a mortar and store it in a tupperware in my spice cupboard. It seems to retain it's toasty taste indefinitely.
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I do this without issue and, like conifer, feel like the taste maintains for at least a couple of months. However, I've mostly seen recipes (such as this one) recommend staying away from storing it.
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Yes, to your question that you can store ahead and no need to freeze. But you can also buy the toasted rice at a Viet store ready to go. The roasted pork with pork skin, used in banh mi and broken rice dishes, is dressed with toasted rice.

I would not store it for months. It is pretty easy to toast rice and blitz in a spice grinder i.e., dedicated coffee grinder.
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Thank you all.
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