What are your favourite interesting human-focused Instagram accounts?
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I’m looking for instagram accounts that consistently post photos of people, zoomed in enough that I can identify their features on my smartphone screen, not too blurry or excessively photoshopped (e.g. no fashion ads), and in a variety of poses, to use as drawing references! Bonus points for POC and/or queer subjects.
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Shooglet, greenboxshop, fiercequeerfestival, alternativecurves, studiomucci, feministingdotcom, nalgonapositivitypride, jacqthestipper, theshaderoom, virgietovar
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a few more:

Tomboyx, amyjowisehart, pureivorydotca, mothermag, besta_hesta, elsielarson
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Butchisnotadirtyword, good for lgbt and poc representation
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Do you know about the Sktchy app? Lots of poses, people eager to have you draw them.
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unlikelyhikers, recently on the blue
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I use the Sartorialist for drawing reference!
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I think Stylelikeu would be perfect for this.
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