What band is this t-shirt related to?
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Awhile ago I bought this t-shirt because I liked the design, but today a couple of people commented on it being connected to their favorite band. Which one, though?
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Best answer: Joy Division
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Response by poster: Thanks!
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fwiw, Unknown Pleasures Shirt is a thing to the extent that there are many, many parodies of it.
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FYI, I made this cake 😊😊
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Whoa, that is incredible, stellathon!
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For literally a decade I have wanted a t-shirt that had that graphic with a "PSR B1919+21" caption under it, just to mess with my circle of friends (all of whom would instantly identify the Joy Division connection). Last year I asked for exactly that for my birthday, and received ... a t-shirt with just the graphic. OK thank you :)

Gonna get around to it myself someday real soon now ...
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