small gifts for kids at a going away party
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Where to buy small gifts for kids attending a going away party? Small painting kits with a message; small stuffed animals associated with her name, etc. My kid is the one moving away, and we are the hosts.

So, my family is moving from point A to point B. We are having a small party to say goodbye, both to our grownup friends and to our kid's friends. I am looking for a little gift to give those kid friends.

She is six, and she and her friends are entering first grade. A small painting kit with a personal message, a small stuffed animal with her name somehow associated; that kind of thing. Where can this kind of thing be obtained?
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One thing I’d suggest is taking pictures, either a group picture or pictures of each friend individually with your kid, at the party, and sending them as postcards with your new contact info. There are lots of apps that make this easy to do with your phone.

It has the added benefit of helping your grownup friends make sure they have your new address for holiday cards and such, plus, little kids love getting mail.

This was always my go-to trick for thank you notes for birthday parties, so it’s kust generally a good life hack.
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Along with the photo theme, how about a simple picture frame? Not sure what you will do at the party, but maybe can paint/glue/etc while there? Ikea makes some cute little ones (3x5? 4x6?) in unfinished wood (I think--can probably find at a craft store, too) for a buck or so. Then can mail a picture from the party and a thank you out after you move.

Or maybe do beads and jewelry making, can make friendship/goodbye bracelets?
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Oriental Trading has all of that exact sort of thing.
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At the party, have the kids paint small terra cotta pots, when the party is over, give the kids some soil and nasturtium seeds. They flower quickly AND you can eat the flowers if you're so inclined. The kids can see the pretty flowers and remember their friend.
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