What is this round ball of twine thingy?
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My mom won this at a curling club raffle. She doesn’t knows what it is. It appears to be a ball of twine about five inches in diameter, with a braided twine “handle”. It’s heavy — about two pounds — heavier than I think it would be if it were just twine. She has glued the “handle” to the ball to make it into a base, and is using it as a doorstop. Here’s a picture: ball of mystery.
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It IS a doorstop.
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Good grief! Thank you. WELL INTUITED MOM.
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The only is a large Monkey's Fist, and while it's possible to make one around a large knot of the same stuff, it's easiest to make it around a pre-existing sphere, so it likely does have a heavy core.
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Don't untie it, or someone you know will experience great sadness.
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What you've got there is a monkey's fist! Since it's so heavy, it's probably tied around a spherical weight. Can't say I've ever seen one used as a doorstop before.
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No no, a monkey's fist is a specific type of knot. This is a decorative object made of string and heavy thing.
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Fake monkey's fist.
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