Cool biking products for 5-yo girl?
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My 5-yo niece is learning how to ride a bike and I want to buy some fun and cool biking stuff for her (max 50 USD). Suggestions?
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Bell, water bottle & holder, small seat bag, basket, bike lock.
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Oh man, you have to have the streamers coming out of the handlebar grips. Also a bell.
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Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System. Only $20.
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A helmet is #1 if she doesn't have one. Also, there's amazing stuff going on with LEDs these days. She doesn't have to ride at night to be fabulous.
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How about a mini license plate with her name on it? Or her favorite character? This is just an example. I have had no experience with this company.
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Maybe my kid is a dork but she loves her Neon Safety Vest!
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My daughter of the same age just got her first bike and she loves the bell, the basket in front where teddy sits and the tiny child seat behind that’s just big enough for her dolly (complete with straps), so she can take her whole crew.
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I had a bike basket for about five minutes as a kid and hated it, it just wasn't for me. But obviously I still needed a safe way to transport all my toys.

So instead I had a little zipper bag that velcroed under my bike seat similar to this. Mine was black and purple with teal piping because it was the 90s. I used it all the time. It was the perfect size for fitting my Jurassic Park action figures.
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A really badass helmet. See, for example, the offerings by Raskullz. Helmets that a kid is excited to wear actually get worn.
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Definitely a unicorn helmet.
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I had a reflective yin yang decal that I attached to my helmet when I was a kid and I thought it was super cool. This is similar but you can swap that idea out for whatever decals you think she’d be into!
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Bottle cage
Favorite color grips/wraps & pedals
Any kind of spoke decorations -- clips, lights, cards (oh, you could set up an alleycat for them around the neighborhood)
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Search Amazon for bicycle horns and bells. Let her choose.
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Seconding "let her choose". Bells go from your basic squeezable hamburger to the loudest PING I have ever heard (example link)

Or maybe a gift certificate to a bike place to make sure there's money to fix flats or a busted spoke or whatever?

Or a pump, wrench, tire levers and a few spare tubes?

This is nice -- being able to bicycle (and being in a neighborhood where you can bicycle) is liberating.
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