Song ID help - chorus is an overlay of two ~monotone, speaking voices
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Although I don't remember any of the lyrics, the song had a very strange style, where the 'chorus' was two male voices speaking monotonously over each other -- like two news channels talking over each other at the same time. I heard this song over the weekend - I'm pretty sure the song title had "murder" or "murdering" in it, not entirely sure of that though. Additionally, in general - I find songs with somewhat chaotically overlaid separate music/lyric tracks really relaxing. So if you know of any other examples -- where it sounds like two radio stations or news stations playing at the same time overlapping a bit chaotically, general recommendations where part or all of the song is composed in this style (+ youtube links) are also very appreciated. Thanks in advance! :D

Anything on this spectrum --

A less chaotic example = Simon & Garfunkel's Silent night/7 o'clock news

Mid range = this whole album by Neil Cicierega

A more chaotic example = The song I can't ID - but hopefully someone will post a link to it here soon. :)
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Peace and Love by Camper Van Beethoven, perhaps.
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It's The Murder Mystery by the Velvet Underground.
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I bet you'd also like the Belle and Sebastian song I Could be Dreaming, where a passage from Rip Van Winkle is somewhat incomprehensibly read aloud over the outro; I find it very relaxing in the way I think you mean.
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You might look into Matmos if you like this type of music.
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You might also like The Books; they call it 'collage music'. The Lemon of Pink would be a good place to start.
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Spiritual High (Part 3) from Mood Swings pairs State of Independence backing track with MLK's I Have A Dream. Comes in about 1:20.
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You might like Love Like Anthrax by Gang Of Four
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You would like Talking Heads', Seen and Not Seen. It is just one voice not two, but exactly the same sort of hypnotic thing... monotone strange lyric murmured into a funky afro-tribal beat.
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Also check out News by Kraftwerk, off their wholly great Radio-Activity album.
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You might want to check into Negativland.
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Revolution 9 by The Beatles
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Tindersticks' Marbles has a wonderful moment like that which is especially delightful with headphones.
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ooh just remembered another favourite! Flower Punk by Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, near the end there is a really nifty bit with two alternate soliloquys talking over one another.
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The music from Philip Glass's Einstein on the Beach has this effect, particularly in the "knee play" parts:

Knee Play 1
Knee Play 2
Knee Play 3
Knee Play 5
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